…an unlined historic painting

painted on a canvas with a complex pattern

probably 1522
probably 1522

…there is a subtle difference in the weft draft between the pattern of an unlined painting and the canvas of Titian’s Isabella D’Este

There is no evidence that it was the same loom but they were dressed exactly the same!

It is a specific draft. 14 shaft patterns appear but in these two drafts each middle part in the M and W ( see upper left corner) has threaded 2 more threads than ‘regular’ M W drafts, analysed in other canvases.

the weave draft of the unlined painting canvas shows that the textile is woven on a loom with 14 shafts and 14 treadles

The subtle difference in the pattern of the canvas of the unlined painting and of Isabella D’Este canvas is in the weft draft.

The weaver followed the same draft in Isabella’s canvas in warp and weft and choose to weave 82 wefts in each repeat.

the canvas of the unlined painting has 74 wefts in each repeat.