“Os padrões ocultos nas pinturas de Diego Velázquez”

Looking very much forward to give my first presentation next week for Factum Foundation and Casa Natal de Velázquez. Because of Covid-19 it will be on line.



Last February I applied for a grant at Gulbenkian Foundation but it has not been approved.

I did not know by then that another opportunity was waiting at Factum Foundation…

On 3th of March I wrote:…I felt encouraged to present a proposal for a grant at the Gulbenkian Foundation to decipher the seven canvases with a pattern, as mentioned in this publication. Thanks to all of you who believe in this project.
Especial thanks to Maria Manuela Santana, Textile Conservator at the Palacio da Ajuda in Lisbon and directive member of CIETA, and to Ian McClure, Chief Conservator at Yale University Art Gallery for their reference letters.