Can weave drafts give us an answer of weft and warp direction in a canvas without a selvedge?

Weave drafts of the canvas of Velázquez’s “Adoration of the Magi” (1619)

I tried to see the effect of switching the draft in the warp and in the weft. These pictures show the effect of ‘back and front view” and turning the ‘textile’ 90*

I will have to weave the textile to confirm if they are different or not.

Or do you think there are matches if we could see the black (warp) also as lines in the computer generated (Iweaveit) pictures ?

The reason for this puzzle is that it might give a more secure idea of warp and weft direction in canvases without a selvedge by assuming the most logic weave draft to work out on the loom….note: the drafts at the bottom are matching.

back- and front vieuw
90º switch
90º switch