analyses of the pattern of a 16th century painting from The Prado Museum

… the analyses of the X-ray image and trying to find how the threads were organised before this support canvas was woven in the 16th century was not easy!

X-Ray image courtesy and authorisation Museo Nacional del Prado P00861 authorization Museo Nacional del Prado ©

Drawing the lines in colour on top of the xray makes each thread visible, both in horizontal and vertical direction.

These lines on square paper allow us to define the position of vertical threads in the shafts of a loom and how the horizontal threads were woven.

In this way, manually, I search the repeat of a pattern.

Spending much ‘puzzle’ time is also because I have until date not yet found a ‘partner in analyses of xray images’

The above analysis is of the pattern in the support canvas of the ‘obra convidada’ Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, de Alonso Sanchez Coello ” Infanta Isabel Clara Eugénia com Magdalena Ruiz “