The importance of the weave draft !!!

…”why does a textile look as a plain weave the one side and a twill weave on the other?”

…”why does it looks like there is a diagonal in a plain weave canvas? “

Questions that came into my inbox and in zoom conversations…

Analysis of the textiles show that these are woven as a 3 shaft twill.

Included both weave drafts: the warp in grey and the weft in white.

On the one side we see more warp and on the other side we see more weft.

The warp relaxes ‘under’ the weft after taking the textile from the loom.

two sides of a linen textile in conservation
two sides of a canvas in an historic painting
fabric views on top
3 shaft twill pattern, weave draft warp faced
3 shaft twill pattern, weave draft weft faced