a tablecloth, a canvas and a tablecloth in a painting …

on the left a tablecloth, owned by Jan Bustin and found on a flee market, on the right a canvas in a painting by Francisco Correia, 1600, a portugues painter (source Thesis by Rita Maltieira)
The patterns look very similar but after analysing I found that there are more ‘lines’ in the pattern of the canvas.
on this painting on wood, ‘The Supper’ Autun triptich 1515, we find a similar pattern as a tablecloth. Note, I have assumed that the pattern of this image has the same ‘size’ as both other patterns. Once this is a painting I could only define the construction of the pattern.
Photograph, courtesey of Musée Rolin, Autun
here the weaving draft of the three patterns, I will soon upload the full drafts