thank you Adam Lowe…

Thank you so much Adam Lowe @ Factum Foundation for your thoughts about my work! I am absolutely fan of your- and your team’s work <3

quote ” I am one of her fans- If there were more people carrying out the informed, in depth practical research into the material of works of art I am sure we would all have deeper understanding and more interesting thoughts as a result. I look at samples Helena has woven and feel that her work is of fundamental importance.”

Rigorous analyses allow us to confirm identical patterns as well as distinguish subtle differences….

I was asked to analyse a canvas of an historic painting (cannot give more details yet) and found that the weave draft in the warp and tie-up was the same as in the canvas of Titian’s Portrait of Isabella d’Este.

I have woven a reconstruction of both patterns on the same warp.

In the weft I had to skipp 2 x 4 passes….

both canvases

ICOM CC conference 2023

I have uploaded a proposal for the upcoming ICOM CC conference in Valencia 2023 !

The focus will be on the analyses of seven canvases of El Greco paintings and one of Alonso Sánchez Coello. Each with their unique weave draft that allows us to confirm identical patterns as well as distinguish subtle differences.

Contribution Title: Identifying historic textile weave patterns in painting supports

Working Group: PaintingsType: PaperAuthor: Helena Loermans


Comment: Lab O is a laboratory for handwoven canvas. It’s mission is to recover and share the knowledge of historic canvases. Helena Loermans

feeling grateful …

Marion F. Mecklenburg, Senior Research Scientist at the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute wrote this recommendation on the research and reconstructions at Lab O.

“When I first encountered Helena Loermans’ research on the reconstruction of historic canvases at Lab O I was somewhat taken aback. It was such an obvious method to merge the historic textile industry technology to the canvas supports used on paintings. Yet this connection is rarely discussed in the conservation community.  It encouraged me to reassess my understanding of historical weaving and recognize that artists had access to textiles having rather complex weave geometries. Further her actual recreation of the sophisticated textiles early painters used as painting supports clearly shows what would otherwise be difficult for the average viewer to see.”

Marion F. Mecklenburg, PhD

….the world is reaching out to Odemira !

….the world is reaching out to Odemira !Requests for publishing about Lab O’s research and reconstructions of historic canvases came to Odemira from the Museum Conservation Institute; Smithsonian Institution and Princeton University.

Grateful that the Old Masters continue ‘knocking at the doorstep’ of a local workshop….

Stay tuned!

‘green light’

…’green light’ for analysing more textile fragments in cooperation with the Textile Conservation Department of the Metropolitan Museum.Weave drafts will be generated from high resolution- and micro photographs of these textiles to compare with patterns in historic canvases.

Stay tuned!

15th century fragment in the Met’s collection