El Greco, Disrobing of Christ

Disrobing of Christ (1575-9)


Disrobing of Christ (1575-9)

El Greco’s Disrobing of Christ (1575-79) and The Burial of the Count of Orgaz (1586-88) both have a canvas with a pattern. These were made with the same pattern in the warp, e.i. how the loom was dressed.

source Xray image : Laura Alba 2015

Disrobing of Christ: X-ray image and analyses superimposed

Disrobing of Christ: X-ray image, analyses and weave draft superimposed

Disrobing of Christ: hand drawing on square paper and suffering in trying to find the pattern and repeat

Weft repeat 52 passes

Disrobing of Christ: computer generated weave draft. In the red circle is seen a difference with the draft of the textile of the canvas of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.

This is a result of the weaver following the pattern but skipping 4 passes in each repeat, not a mistake!

Burial of the Count of Orgaz ,

weave draft,

weft repeat 56 passes