El Greco, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz

The Burial of the Count of Orgaz (1588)


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El Greco painted The Burial of the Count of Orgaz on a canvas with this pattern. I did not know that until a Spanish visiter came to my atelier in 2015. In a project that originated in the ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur Programme’ we had started to weave painters canvas with a pattern.It was  my curiosity to know why painters canvas is always a plain weave, that’s what I thought, and I was convinced that a pattern in the first layer of a painting should be of influence.

When I saw the the weave draft of the canvas as used by El Greco in this thesis , my heart made a little jump: I knew immediately that I could reconstruct that pattern on my hand loom and I also felt that it would have a great impact to do so.

Later I applied for a copy of this publication where thread count of warp and weft of the canvas was given. 

weave draft, generated in Weavelt Pro Mac, a software developed to interface with computer aided handlooms

The Burrial of the Count of Orgaz
El Greco
weave draft of the support canvas
one repeat
60 warp ends
56 weft picks
12 shafts
12 threadles
thread count per cm:
published information
warp: 16
weft: 16

On this AVL Compu Dobby loom, connected to a Mac Plus device, I have woven the reconstruction of the canvas in linen.

photo João Mariano