Piero di Cosimo

Ritrovamento di Vulcano, 1490-95

the earliest painting on a canvas with a complex woven pattern

Source: Kermes 111-112, 2018. Claudio Seccaroni.

Ritrovamento di Vulcano, 1490 cerca
fragment of the x-ray image + analysis

x-ray image courtesy of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

thank you Allen Kosanovich, Paintings Conservator, for sharing the x-ray image

In a close up we can see lines of a pattern.

The pattern in the canvas has a basic draft but with discontinuity in different places in the canvas.

There is a horizontal seam in the canvas, probably the warp direction follows the selvedge but that cannot be confirmend in the x-ray image.

The pattern above the seam:

the weave draft for the canvas is a ‘hin und wieder Arbeit’ with the detail that 2 shafts are not tied-up to the treadles as in the draft below.

The pattern below the seam; I will try to see what happened…

discontinuation in the treadling

…please find the similarity to the pattern in the tablecloth in Duccio di Buoninsegna ‘s The wedding at Cana, tempera on panel, 1308-11 ,

thank you Claudio Seccaroni for sharing the information on this painting.