Piero di Cosimo

Ritrovamento di Vulcano, 1490

Vulcano ed Eolo maestri dell’umanità , 1490

the earliest paintings on a canvas with a complex woven pattern

Source: Kermes 111-112, 2018. Claudio Seccaroni.

Ritrovamento di Vulcano, 1490 cerca
Vulcano ed Eolo maestri dell’umanità, 1490 cerca

The earliest paintings on a patterned canvas are byPiero di Cosimo in 1490 circa. Source: Kermes 111-112, 2018. Claudio Seccaroni.

Interesting is that both paintings are of the same size in one direction and with a subtle difference in the other one: 155,5 x 164,5 cm and 155,5 x 174 cm.

In a close up we can see lines of a pattern.

I wrote to both Museums where the paintings are located to ask for an x-ray image or a picture from the back of the painting, in case unlined.

Would be interesting to see if the patterns are the same and or match with the patterns in later paintings.

Fingers crossed !