Tablecloth in paintings

Burgundian, 1515. “The Last Supper”. Middle panel of the Eucharist triptych. Oil on panel. Autun, Musée Rolin.

This story started with finding the thesis ‘A tela na pintura Portuguesa. Materiais e técnicas,do século XV ao século XIX’ by Rita Maltieira.

It was here where I found for the first time that a Portuguese painter had painted on a canvas with a pattern.

source: thesis by Rita Maltieira
a publication about the painting on the patterned canvas
Francisco Correia painted ‘Alegoria à Imaculada Conceição’ (1600) on a canvas with a pattern.
The painting is located in the ‘Mosteiro de S. Miguel de Refojos de Basto

After having published this on my Facebook page, I received photographs from a tablecloth with a very similar pattern, that is owned by Jan Bustin, he bought it on a Belgium flee market.

tablecloth , owned by Jan Bustin

Patricia Hilts has done an amazing work on translating the earliest weaving manual , ‘Weber Kunst und Bild Buch’ by Marx Ziegler (1674)

and has published this in Ars Textrina, volume thirteen, december 1990

reproduction of the two earliest books on weaving by Patricia Hilts

Here I found a graphic of a pattern similar to both the 17th century canvas as well as the tablecloth, which led me to the Autun triptych.

D.M. Mitchell: ‘By Your Leave my Masters: British Taste in Table Linen in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries; Textile History, 20 (1), 49-77. 1989
first analyses on the tablecloth, owned by Jan Bustin and the canvas as used by Francisco Correia in 1600, they are not exactly the same
closer analyses of the tablecloth in the ‘Autun Tritych’ will be worked out soon