textiles in a rat’s nest at Oxburgh Estate in Norfolk

“Raise the Roof” of the Oxburgh Estate, in Norfolk, National Trust, revealed about 2000 archeological individual artefacts between the floor boards that have not been lifted since they were put down in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Many thanks to the conservators Anna Forrest, Aimee Grice Venour and Lorenzo Conti for sharing with me the beautiful images ❤

I heard about this project in a wonderful webinar “A Material World-Portable Devotion: The Oxburgh Hall Finds” by Anna Forrest and organised by the Warburg Institute in 2021

My special attention went to one of the textile fragments that has a pattern similar to the patterns I am looking at in historic canvases.

Close examination from high resolution photographs reveal that the pattern and thread counts in warp and weft are exactly the same as in a 1600 painting that belongs to a private collection in Italy.

The back of an unlined painting from 1600 and I a private collection.

Reconstruction of the textile in progress

have a look at the video about the restoration work :