Velázquez, The Supper at Emmaus

The Supper at Emmaus (1620)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York

Diego Velázquez has painted ‘The Supper at Emmaus’ (1620) on a canvas with a woven pattern.
(not to scale)
The painting is located in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

reconstruction of the canvas at Lab O
photo João Mariano
a sample of this canvas is at the Paintings Conservation department of The MET

Research is about finding more and more and more…

I came accross this article in The MET Journal.

I wrote to the textile conservator at the MET ; I knew her as a member of CIETA , and received this high quality X-ray image

X-radiograph courtesy of
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, bequest of Benjamin Altman 1913 The Supper at Emmaus

This pattern has a larger repeat and it was more difficult to decipher…

I managed to generate the draft.

Note: the rules of weaving also helped me to generate the draft, the extension of the threading may be large but the ‘limited’ lift plan, right upper corner, shows also the ‘logic’ in a pattern

Handwoven reconstruction of the original canvas @ Lab O