Titian, Isabella d’Este

Isabella d’Este (1536)

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Titian has painted Isabella d’Este on a canvas with a pattern. The painting is located in The Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna;

 Gemaeldegalerie, 83

(photograph https://www.khm.at/objektdb/detail/1940/)

handwoven reconstruction of the canvas ´
14 shafts 14 threadles
both warp and weft repeat 82 threads
18 threads/cm warp
17 threads/cm weft
photo João Mariano

Weave draft of the pattern of the canvas.


The same weave draft is seen in the canvas of Venus and Adonis but only in the warp direction; the weft: the way the textile is woven, is different

Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis NG34 (1540), a painting in The National Gallery in London, atributed to Titian workshop
National Gallery Technical Bulletin, Volume 36

my analyses of this image of the painting revealed that the pattern is woven on an M W threading and is therefore not an (as published in the National Gallery Technical Bulletin Volume 36…)“unusual chevron twill weave or a wide herringbone but with little zigzag at the end of the ‘spine’ “

handwoven reconstruction of the canvas
14 shafts 14 threadles
warp repeat 82 threads
weft repeat 14 threads
18-19 threads /cm warp
17 weft


weave draft of both canvases

handwoven reconstruction of the canvases of Isabella d’Este Titian, and Venus and Adonis, Titian’s workshop. The weave draft and threadcount of both canvases are the same so I could weave them on the same warp.