The Vendramin Family

Titian painted The Vendramin Family (1543-47) on a canvas with a pattern.
(not to scale)
The painting is located in The National Gallery in London

It started with finding the extended research on Titian’spaintings, published on the National Gallery’s webpage, where is written… “the painting is executed on a canvas with a ‘point twill’ weave, often, althouhg not strictly correctly, called ‘a damask’. “

High resolution images are published on the National Gallery’s webpage and it was possible to deciphere the pattern from there

The weave draft, generated in Weavelt Pro Mac, a software developed to interface with computer aided handlooms

The Vendramin Family
weave draft of the support canvas
one repeat
94 warp ends
94 weft picks
10 shafts
10 threadles
thread count per cm,
published information:
warp: 23
weft: 18

On this AVL Compu Dobby loom, connected to a Mac Plus device, I have woven the reconstruction of the canvas in linen.