Titian workshop Venus and Adonis (1540)

National Gallery London

National Gallery Technical Bulletin, Volume 36

analyses of the x-ray image of the painting revealed that this pattern is woven on an M W threading and is therefore not an “unusual chevron twill weave or a wide herringbone but with little zigzag at the end of the ‘spine’ as published in the National Gallery Technical Bulletin Volume 36…

“Venus and Adonis” NG34 (1540), a painting in The National Gallery in London, atributed to Titian workshop

Weave draft generated in Weavelt software developed to interface with computer-aided handlooms@ Lab O. Reconstruction in progress.


Find the connection with the canvas of Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos.


Titian Venus and Adonis (1540)

Metropolitan Museum New York

painted on a canvas in plain weave