Adoration of the Magi (1619)

Velázquez’s Adoración de los Reyes Magos painted in Seville in 1619, is on a canvas with a pattern. Analyses of the original textile at one of the borders show an M W twill pattern where the diagonals do not line up perfectly.
Find below the weave draft, I will soon weave a reconstruction of this canvas.

weave draft of the canvas. Note that the lines in the weft direction are not continuous. I have generate the weave draft of the pattern by switching warp and weft draft to confirm if there is a difference. In the computer generated drafts I cannot confirm this, probably to graphic exposure of the black ‘lines’ or absence of that direction. As soon as I have a woven sample I will come back to this. The reason for this puzzle is to be sure which was the warp direction in the original textile.

Logically the warp draft had the continuous lines, logically because of the threading the loom.

handwoven reconstruction in progress