Burgundian The Last Supper (1515)

Triptyque de l’Eucharistie

Guérard Grégoire (1512 – 1530)  

oil on panel

Tablecloths with a mixture of lines and rhombuses are represented in several historic paintings. 

oil on panel

oil on panel

publications with graphics of the patterns

photograph of the tablecloth of the central panel

the resolution of the photograph of the left panel does not allow to generate the weave draft

weave draft of the pattern in the central panel, Lab O


a tablecloth, owned by Jan Bustin and found on a Belgium fleemarket :

weave draft of the pattern of the above tablecloth


Anunciação c.1600, atributed to Francisco Correia

Núcleo Museológico do Baixo Tâmega

painted on a canvas with a woven pattern

photograph of the canvas, source Rita Maltieira 2016

weave draft of the patternf the above canvas

precise analysis of the three patterns show the difference in the weave drafts: