work in progress

There is not a clear answer to a number of questions that were identified by the discovery of the patterns in painters’ canvases:


-why did the Old Masters use these patterned canvases?

– how could large widths be woven on a shaft loom with 10 or more shafts?

– how were religious and household textiles connected to the use as a canvas?

-how and where were these canvases produced?


-Reconstructions of canvases continue to be a starting point to focus the research of others onto this aspect of the artwork. 

-The story pretends to tickle the brain of future researchers and weavers to ask profound question about the why and how of the use of canvases with a woven pattern. 

-A database of the technical results of the research and reconstructions will be built and will be available as an open source product on a free accessible platform.

-This database will contain a timeline with dates, locations and measurements of the paintings with a canvas with a woven pattern or textile fragment.

-It will provide all the details of the reconstructed canvas: yarn, weave draft, warp repeat, weft repeat and density of warp and weft per cm, the number of shafts and treadles of the loom and the reed density.