Velázquez’ canvases in his Seville period: linking stories….

The Getty Foundation’s Conserving Canvas Initiative aims to ensure that skills in the structural treatment of works on canvas are not lost in a period where minimal intervention is a dominant approach.

Ian McClure, Susan Mores Hilles Chief Conservator at Yale University Art Gallery wrote about my work:
“Her reconstructions based on high resolution-radiographs of paintings duplicate canvases, for example used by El Greco and by Velázquez in his Seville period where there is little information about his practice and where his paintings are not securely attributed. Ms. Loermans has set out to reproduce as many of his early canvases as possible which will contribute to our knowledge of the artist.”

Can’t wait to know if we will find more details on the canvases in the reproduction of the documents by Factum Arte.
Imagine we find where and how they were woven…..that could open a whole new resource of information on textile production in that period !